Thursday, April 22, 2010

Organic Centerpiece Sample

A portfolio for a wedding and event florist is somewhat difficult to maintain I think, unless you are duly trained as a photographer. You see, when you are at the event setting up, that is your priority and typically you end up perfecting it and/or tweaking it until the last moment, clean up and finito, adios, after all, you are more than likely pooped and proud of a job well done. Then as you walk out the door and get in your van to drive away you think, "Oh, I forgot to take my camera in.", but typically do not think twice about it as the pictures would be dark, blurry and would not do the arrangement justice at all. That is why years ago, even before I started my business, I decided to rely on the professionals. I began to befriend the photographer at each event and ask (okay, in some cases, somewhat beg) them for images after the fact, of course giving them credit in return. It works out well for the most part, aside from the fact that this is not at all what their client hired them to do; therefore I typically get some great bouquet shots, but minimal centerpiece and ceremony shots of florals. It should be known that I am not complaining, at all! Really, I can not blame them. They are zipping around during the wedding capturing many wonderful moments and in all honestly, I would hate it if they did miss those moments while shooting a centerpiece for me. It is the same reason why I do not take the picture, it is just not what the client hired you to do at that moment and the moments are time lined to perfection for weddings and events.
So, this very long winded explanation is why not many of my centerpieces are captured. I found myself recently chatting with a bride who wants a more organic and natural design for her centerpieces. This is one of the concepts that we are discussing, sort of. You see, the actual piece that we are discussing incorporates driftwood and oyster shells, not quite the rotten birch and moss from my back yard. However, I wanted to do up this sample to give her an overall idea of the design as once again, designs that I have done exactly like this in the past, have gone uncaptured. Hope it helps.
And, yes it should be known that it is a goal of the year to capture more of the designs that I create this next season. I recently purchased a new camera. (Thank you for your advice, dear Sharyn Peavey.) Now it is just a matter of reading the Bible that it came with and figuring out all of the buttons and gadgets. Wish me luck!