Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blue, Yellow and white wedding

Professional shots!! The pro's with the cameras come through! Why Not Capture It Photography caught these below shots at a recent wedding...and I have not even got around to posting my shots of this particular wedding, which are half as good as these at best! Thanks so much Rebecca for taking the time to capture the flowers and the day so beautifully. A big congratulations to Jody and Aaron!

Monday, June 27, 2011

More recent weddings...

A black and white wedding with a splash of red next to the rocky coast of Maine...

Recent Weddings

Well, between a very busy start to summer, the past month has been a blur.... a beautiful one! Here are a few images to enjoy to start getting caught up.. Got to love peony season....true love for those!!

Purples and to love those peonies!!!

Birch, pinks, peaches, and whites....lovely day!!

Pretty in pink...and silver mint julep cups!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Great Summer!

...already. Well, this summer has started with a bang the past few weeks and every wedding has been wonderful, filled with tears of joy, beautiful flowers and believe it or not, no rain plan needed (yet!). Every client has been such a pleasure to work with this year. To be a part of your treasured day is truly my honor.
On a business/office front here at ECFD, we are making the switch to the Apple world from a PC world over the next 2 days. Emails and some correspondance might be slightly slower than normal over the next 2 days as I wait to receive my computer all ready to rock, but it is a great move for ECFD. ( Rather be proactive than wait for my computer to die at a very inconvenient time.) So,,,picture updates will have to wait for my computer to return next week, but in the meantime here at ECFD, happy here designing...and an early congratulations to Judy, Monday's bride!
Happy weekend!