Monday, May 31, 2010

Lilac for Maine Weddings

Usually brides that get married in May in Maine are taking a slight gamble with the weather. This year, they made out very well. A Spring with eighty degree days and then sudden freezes here and there...lovely for brides, but a bit tragic for us flower people at times. Just think of what the flowers must be thinking (if they could..).
Lilac. I love lilac. I had it in my wedding in fact several years ago. This year though, it threw me for a loop with Mother Nature and her weather curve ball(and guaranteed every other florist). Knowing the average local crop was going to be past its' prime, I had my lilac coming in from other sources. Both bailed out last minute with weather problems themselves. Needless to say and making a very, very long story short, I happen to know that there are many varieties of lilac that bloom at various times of the Spring season and even into the Summer typically. I am also very fortunate that I have come to know some wonderful people here in Maine as well as places over the past eight years. I spent all day Friday cutting lilac from various places and then went to Gritty's for a martini to celebrate lilac (and having it for this wedding).
Yes, I can always substitute flowers, and I always let brides know that I will make substitutes if needed. In fact, I had already ordered in a substitute for this bride. (She lucked out she got the substitutes and the real thing.) But why not go to the utmost extremes first, nearly killing yourself on a ladder to make the brides first pick come to fruition. That is why I am Emily Carter.
Here are some images of this past weekends wedding.
I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday weekend.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lost in the shuffle

Sometimes when playing catch up on posting these images, it is funny. I come across an image of a single design and say, " Oh yeah, I remember that..." and then I take a moment to enjoy the creation, even though it is just a picture. You see, in the moment of the craziness of weddings and events, I complete the designs and enjoy every minute of creating the bouquets, centerpieces etc., but rarely get to sit back and enjoy the flowers. It makes sense, they are not for me, I am creating them for someone else to enjoy; however, I still like to take a moment while looking through images and enjoy the designs.
Here is a mother' day design that I did

as well as a small surprise bridal table piece ordered by the mother of the bride for a recent wedding..

re: April wedding

So this is a recent wedding that I did that I did not have my camera for. Thank goodness that the photographer, Evan Carroll, who graciously shot a few images for me. These are shots of the bridal bouquet and a one sided altarpiece as well as the overall view of the church, which included the flowers on the pews...loved the flowering quince, which is hard to see, but had the most beautiful blooms.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Few recent weddings

Well, one of my goals for this year is to blog after each wedding and I am already behind. Hmmm. I have four weddings to catch you up on...
Stunning peony, ranunculus, tulips, hosta, yummy bouquet with the brides "something blue". I felt so honored to complete her something blue that I splurged with my vintage velvet and satin detailing ribbon and pearls with the lovely assistance of my assistant Alexandra Hollauer.

Complementing red peonies, ranunculus, hostas, for Maid of honor...

Phaleonopsis orchid teardrop bouquets in white and purple...

Grapevine trellis' adorned with spirea, smilax and a few blown white peonies...

How could you not fall in love with these peonies...really!

White hydrangea, purple clematis, hybrid delphinium blooms, purple vanda orchids, white peonies...

Traditional red roses with a soft touch of blupleurum and red hypericum berries...

There are several other images, a few of bouquets and some of centerpieces that I will have to add on at another time, but for now.. this is what ECFD has been up to.
Best to all.. and happy Spring... oh and by the way...YEAH PEONY SEASON IS HERE.. MY FAVORITE FAVORITE time of the year.

Friday, May 7, 2010

re: Happy Mother's Day

For those of you who do not know me well, I am a mother of two very sweet daughters. I truly feel blessed to have them as many a mom feels about their offspring; however it does not have to be unsaid that there are many a trying moments when you are a mother as well. I found this card for my mother this year that says, "Happy Mother's Day" on the cover with a picture of a mother face down on her bed, her three children basically running a muck on and around her bed with the dog. Then inside of the card it says, "Only the strong survive!"...oh how true. However, being a mother has done many things for me aside from just becoming a mother of two wonderful daughters and surviving (thus far!). It has given me and even bigger appreciation for the finer things in life...the little moments when the dishes are just left to sit stinky in the sink because the snuggle time is too good or the grass might not get mowed for a few extra days because there are just too many forget me nots in the grass to mow over. Even with my business, my girls have given me such an appreciation for various unique flowers that I get in. The more unique the better for my four year old, though her favorites are anything pink pretty much. Even my 18 month old yelling, "Flower, flower. Touch it pease?" is very enduring and sweet to think that she notices these live elements that are in our house. So with that said, I encourage, whether you are a mother or not this Mother's Day, to take advantage of any flower store sales and buy some flowers for your house or even pick some ferns from the woods, as it is so nice to enjoy these subtle beauties within our house that we often take fore granted. "Smell the roses!" as they say. I thank my daughters for reminding me daily to take a step back and do so.
And for all you mother's...happiest of Mother's Days.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Inspired by other designers

So I am sometimes asked by brides and other clients, "What inspires you?". Well, there are many things and people I have to say. Of course the seasonal flowers themselves do a pretty good job. Their beauty native to the season during which they are blooming is an absolute magical thing to watch unfold. I feel fortunate to live in a place where I can see the four seasons unfold in this fashion. Spring of course is insane with the various colors of tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths popping out here and there and then the vibrant gold forsithia bushes that are around every turn amongst hundreds of other tulip trees, flowering branches...then the lilac that is about to explode any minute. Holy Smokes. Only problem is that if you at all love these various elements you want them all at your house, in your yard, and then your husband looks at you like you have three heads no doubt when you tell him that you want to spend some umpteen thousands on landscaping. So then you have to just take your weekly walk around the local nursery and ahh and oooohhh over plants that are not yours. All the same, the flower are enough to inspire the most tame artist I would think.
However, I became inspired a long time ago by other co-workers such as Ariella Chezar and Wenonah Webster as well Pamela Hardcastle who with myself all shared a similar sense of wanting to bring bits of natures natural beauty into any event or home. My daughters actually share a similar wonder about natures fine beauty. Probably because of their innocence , but the do not take even the foliage of a weed for granted. (And to think that some people buy weed killer!) Furthermore the details of florist of the past that I have read about and respect are quite inspiring. Constance Spry was such a strong woman and her thought process on what floral design could be and how it was needed in the house is quite interesting and furthermore...inspiring. Thinking about the decades during which she lived, how life was different and then the various paths that she chose as well as then inspiring others to take joy in the art of floral design...inspiring. For those of you, the few that read this, who have not read about Constance Spry, I highly recommend reading the bio that is attached to her name above. And for those of you who ask the question amongst friends while having cocktails, "Who would be sitting at your table if you were able to invite five dead people?", she is one of those people that I would have sitting at my table. Maybe now she will be one of yours..doubt it, but maybe a runner up.
Have a good rest of your Spring and here's to peeping lilacs!