Tuesday, March 29, 2011

California Flowers

Well, nothing like a little trip out west to California at the end of winter to get you super excited about wedding season quickly approaching! I went out to San Francisco to the Flower and Garden Show out in San Mateo and to the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park as well as hit a few fabric and ribbon dealers out in the area. All of the above were absolutely amazing! The seasons out there are so perfect for flowers that we just can not begin to grow here in Maine, or even New England. White goddess callas are growing on the sides of the sidewalks in downtown SF as well as succulents and jades of every variety how we have mums by our front doors in the fall.
Trumpet plants lining the streets of downtown SF::

Cherry blossoms in full bloom at the Japanese Tea Gardens::

It is crazy! I have been out there before, but it has been over a decade and now that I have my own business and see things from a different light, it was really fun to go back. The Flower and Garden show was amazing, filled with concepts and ideas more from a landscape perspective, but all the same some of which were making my head spin into ways to translate them to table designs. One of the best things that we saw out there was a huge (I would say 10 feel tall) gazebo structure created for some parrots and adorned with succulents and mosses on all sides...it was incredible!

I also made some great connections at the show that I look forward to pursuing in coming months.
I had no expectations really walking into the Conservatory out there...but maybe this was the best as I was practically in tears after walking in. My camera lens kept on fogging up due to the extreme humidity in most of the chambers for the plants, but I did get a few shots...just extremely bad..even for me!
The building is huge...is was built in the 1800's and has huge wings off this main structure that you can not see here...huge.

These fiddleheads are the size of your head...they were sick!

I have never seen anything as lush and amazing as some of the plants within this lovely facility..pitcher plants like you dream about, orchids of every rare variety and stag horn ferns the size of your front door..seriously!
Finally, a four story fabric, button and vintage ribbon facility...what more could you want?? I will leave you guessing as to what amazing details that I picked up here as I am sure that some will be detailing some of the bouquets for 2011..too wonderful!
Needless to say, I took my husband with me and totally bored him I am sure at points with some of the above sites, but the wine country we both enjoyed immensely...for those who are ever out there I highly recommend the little town of Yountville. Wonderful tastings, restaurants, and resorts...

Was ready before my trip, but now, I am extremely happy to see the snow starting to trickle away and to be on the cusp of wedding season...thank you California.