Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wolfe Neck Farm Wedding

Today I had great fun using my line of silver that I rent out for brides. I made each piece slightly different and took the location of Wolfe Neck Farm very much into account using lots of fern elements and organic style flowers. You will notice on the last detail shot of the bouquet, the hands may seem a bit teeny and yes, they have yellow fingernail polish on them! These are my daughter's hands. She has never really understood what her mother does and seeing that this was a friend of ours who was getting married, I brought her along at the very end of my set up. Turns out, she has always thought that I actually attend every wedding that I do flowers for and more importantly, that I always get to eat cake at the end!!! She loved seeing what I do, but was more than disappointed that there was no cake involved. Needless to say, we had to make a pit stop at Bessie's on Litchfield Road for some cake after our hard work.

Portland Wedding Flowers

This was the first wedding in Portland that I have done this season. It was nice to have one so close and convenient without the worries of Wiscasset traffic; however funny as well as I ended up getting stuck in a parade that I was unaware of! Good thing that I always allot myself about double the amount of travel time that I need as it always tends to be needed from time to time and this was one of them. We got there with time to spare and it was great fun to listen watch parts of the parade at the same time!
This wedding was at the Eastland. The bride had a beautiful white and green theme as you will notice with clean lines and more of a contemporary look.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Camden Wedding Flowers

This past weekend I had a wedding in Camden on Saturday and one in Phippsburg at Sebasco Harbor Resort on Sunday. It was a great weekend with the rain holding off kindly for both brides.
Both weddings were nice intimate gatherings and were in such wonderful locations. The Camden wedding was at the Whitehall Inn. The bride had a bold color palette of orange, fuchsia, yellows and vibrant greens. Her favorite flower was a must to include, sunflowers! She wanting something a bit different for her centerpieces and had seen images of a wedding from last year where I did oranges and peonies together...she fell in love! She let me play a bit with her ribbons and I enjoyed doing an embroidered yellow ribbon with green edging for her bouquet and a dupioni silk that was a beautiful cantaloupe orange color for the bridesmaids bouquets.
Here are a few images...

Excuse the crooked shot!

I have to make note of the crazy beautiful peach tree peonies within the arbor clusters... stunning!

For the other wedding, unfortunately as I downloaded images from Saturdays wedding on Saturday evening, I left the card for my camera in my computer....priorities were more on flowers I guess rather than photography. (I did however remember the camera to take on site for the didn't do much good!) I created a sweet vintage look using light pink and white peonies with Queen Anne's lace and ranunculus for the personal flowers. For the reception she rented my aged silver teapot collection and I filled them with hydrangeas, peonies and Queen Anne's Lace spilling out of the containers. It was beautiful. I hope to share some images with you once I see some from the professional photographer. is the face behind the name! I recently was asked for a picture of myself and turns out that I do not have many. Well, let's just say I do not have many recent pictures of myself. I have plenty from when I was 9 months pregnant, in a hospital bed with a newborn looking lovely, or those great images when you bring a newborn home and you are so sleep deprived, but everyone just keeps taking pictures! Yes, those I have...and I would love to torch! My husband came along with me so that we could enjoy Camden a bit after my set up on Saturday. He decided to take some updated photos. As you can see here, it is nice that he still makes me laugh after many many years.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cymbidium Wedding

This week was a whirlwind of a busy week, but it ended absolutely perfectly. This past Saturday's wedding was intended to be tented alongside the ocean; however due to the inclement and unpredictable weather on Saturday, the wedding was moved inside at the Newagen Seaside Inn. There were many last minute changes such as tree installations that were to be alongside of the poles of a tent to flanking the dance floor etc... but in the long run, it all turned out to be so very beautiful. Mother Nature paused the storms in the middle of the afternoon just long enough for the ceremony and the bride and groom were simply unphased by the elements of the day.

Portland First Friday Art Walk with MadGirl

I have been fortunate to have been doing floral installations for each First Friday Art Walk in Portland at MadGirl Studios on Commercial Street. Meredith Alex is an amazing designer and it has been fun to think outside the box with flowers again. I am including some images from the latest installation. Hope that you feel the funk...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lei's and Orchids for a Maine Wedding

At a recent wedding I am fortunate that Beth from Blush Photography was shooting as she captured some wonderful images of the flowers.
Take a peek at her blog listed below and look up Amy and Kevin at Newagen. She not only captured some wonderful bouquet shots, but also got some wonderful images of the orchid lei's.
Thank you Beth!