Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday Party Flowers

When I think of holiday parties, I do not just think of typical evergreens etc., but really more of simply a vibrant color palette of sorts. I was contacted by a local business owner in Portland to do some funky designs for her company holiday party at Portland's Empire Dine and Dance. It was the Coffee By Design holiday party so I coordinated with the owner to get some great burlap bags from her that the beans come in from Brazil and Columbia. They had amazing designs on them so I cut the burlap designs to cover the glass turned out to be a really nice personal touch for the party. The lighting was really awful for pictures, but great location...this is the best that I could get which is too bad as they were really interesting designs..enjoy these few shotty images and Happy Holidays!!

Thanksgiving flowers

I took these images from a recent Thanksgiving installation that I did in Yarmouth...I want these containers..distressed terracotta on wonderful wrought iron stands. This client had a perfect Thanksgiving table that her father had made..and the perfect colors throughout her house for Thanksgiving. As we laughed about her "Thanksgiving house", she was wondering how she felt about the coral peonies within the design. I had her keep them as I thought that they went so nicely with the satsumas on the branch and the pomagrantes that I placed on the table and created a nice unexpected pop of vibrant color for the holiday. I had to laugh on Thanksgiving day as I watched the NBC Macy's Day Parade when some of the exact flowers in front of Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera were what I used within this design..namely, the coral peonies!!! I hope that you had a great holiday Jone's family...I look forward to the wedding this summer!