Wednesday, September 8, 2010

re: Long Cove Barn wedding

Well, it is actually more of a meeting house, but once transformed it really had kind of a barn feeling. For the past year, I had the pleasure of working with a lovely bride from Switzerland and her wedding was stunning this past weekend at Long Cove Point Beach. She had a very vintage feel using my rented silver and a dual burlap and green runner on the long tables. It looked beautiful. Her bouquet was so much fun to detail with the vintage lace, purchased at a great flea market and the blue satin for her something blue. I only hope to now visit her in Switzerland! Congratulations Ali!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

re: Bustin's Island wedding

This past weekend was a whirlwind with an installation for the wonderful Meredith Alex of MadGirl on Friday and then a wedding on Saturday and one on Sunday as well.
My camera was with me through most of it...
These are some pictures from the Saturday private residence wedding on Bustin's Island. It was simply gorgeous over there and after much stress by the Labor Day weekend brides with threats of the hurricane, the weather was amazing! Here are some pictures of the bridal bouquet which had a slight front so that the bride could see her beautiful sentimental locket that I affixed to the top of her bouquet.

...halo for a flowergirl.. one of my favorite halo's of all time..

...I am not a huge fan of corsage's, but I did really like this one as far as rose corsage's go..

Friday, September 3, 2010

re: Newagen wedding continued

I always say, let the professionals do their magic and magic was done with Brian Wedge doing the photography of my recent Newagen wedding. I already posted some images that my assistant took on site, but here is a link to some more professional images and better yet.. some great bouquet shots as promised!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sebasco Harbor Resort in Callas

Callas were pretty common with my brides here and there for seemed like they just kept popping up. Between Green Goddess callas and white callas, their clean sleek lines did not really get old at all during the month.
This wedding was all white callas in varying sizes and was complemented by the clean and lovely line of lily grass. Submerged callas took on a whole new life and made for an elegant and beautiful reception at The Pilot House.

cake decorated by yours truly in white hypericum berries and English ivy

An aside:::
I am a sucker for certain flowers... passion flower is one and I happen to get my hands on a beautiful bunch mid August and kept some of it for myself. Isn't the bloom crazy beautiful and unique?...just wanted to share.

I feel so fortunate to live next to Bessie's Farm Goods. Kathy and Deedee have supplied us with supplies for many dinners this summer. Their vegi's are so stunning that they could easily be made into a floral bouquet....hmmm.....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Inn on Peaks Wedding

These David Austin Juliet roses just can not be beat within the bridal bouquet. Vintage apothecary jars and mason jars were gorgeous on top of lace overlays on the tables with a wildflower, but elegant look. The bride looked stunning and the family, such a pleasure to work with. Congratulations Becky!
Photos courtesy of Karen Bradbury

Herb swags on the pews...

re: Vintage at Newagen

Beautiful and bold in pinks and corals is the only way I can think to begin to describe this wedding. I have a line of silver teapots and creamers and sugars that I used for this bride and with the corals, pinks and creams and a beautiful location such as could you go wrong! It created such a flawless vintage look that was only complementing by a very gracious bride and groom. A gorgeous setting for the ceremony as well with grapevine trellis' and tight clusters of flowers adorning the aisle. Professional pictures of the complementing bouquets are to come...some favorites of the season!!

re: Getting caught up

Well, August has come and gone and I did not get a chance to post a single blog...just too focused on flowers I guess!
Where it has all come and gone is beyond me, but filled with more weddings and events than I can count up at this moment and I have many pictures to catch you up on. So here we go shortly...and I am also awaiting many many professional pictures as there were just some events that I did not capture on my own camera. I look forward to catching you up here in the next few weeks (and posting some September pictures as well!!).
I hope that all of the little ones are having a great start back to school and all of the parents are enjoying a bit more time to breathe.