Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I just wanted to take a minute to say a Happy, Happy Mother's Day to all you mama's out there. For those of you who do not watch Modern Family, you should. The mother of three totally depicts motherhood as it really is and like no one else likes to tell it. Sure, motherhood is great, but man, those kids just suck the life right out of you! So I say a big old kuddos to all you sucked out mothers out there this mother's day...way to be!
On a more serious note, this is a bizarre mother's day for me. My oldest just does not seem so young anymore, and neither does my youngest really. As the oldest starts to read and is discovering herself, I feel like I just do not have any babies anymore. I feel like this mother's day I am kind of starting a new chapter in mommy-hood. I am starting to think that this one might have to deal a lot with my oldest not liking me that much, (which I thought would not be until the teenage years) and my youngest following suit. All the same, I do love my girls...even if they do like their daddy more. Oh well.
Oh and I did happen to get the best present ever for mother's day...yes, I already got my present! A maid for a day. What a great husband! (and great friend to push in the right direction! I love you Alex!) I hope that you all get maid's for a day as well and a huge bouquet of flowers or some lovely plants to enjoy this summer.
Happy, happy!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ECFD on Facebook

...I almost forgot to tell the millions of you who follow, but you can also find ECFD on Facebook! That's only took a few years, but about a week or two ago, after some kind convincing from a friend, we are on. Sign up, friend me or like me...something like that. I will be posting periodically on each so feel free to check both for images over this wedding season.

Wedding Season is here

Well, between photo shoots and weddings beginning we have been hopping here around ECFD.
Here are some images from an Easter install...
..more images to come of shoots as well as weddings that have recently occurred.

re: May issue of Maine Magazine

It is funny how you hear about these things. It started with an email from someone in the floral industry congratulating me on the beautiful spread in Maine Magazine a few weeks ago. Then a phone call from an amazing photographer in the industry letting me know how beautiful the layout was as well as the images. My mind was swimming with the recent weddings wondering which it could have been and finally, after the suspense had built up enough, I called Maine magazine to see what exactly was in the May edition (as I could not find it on the stands quite yet). After they described the images I pinned it together and figured out just which shoot it was that I had recently done. A week or so later, I got to see the magazine as I picked it up with the rest of the folks at Hannaford. It was an honor to be in Maine magazine as I love their publication and how they present their magazine, but more importantly I respect so many of the writers and photographers that are frequently in that publication. Thank you for selecting this shoot Maine magazine...and for those of you who have not picked it up!