Monday, January 23, 2012

Maine Magazine Wedding Edition Correction

Maine Magazine Wedding Issue: While I have not seen the issue yet as it does not hit stands for another few days, I received an email from the editors of Maine Magazine letting me know that they made a mistake with their publication and gave me credit for Meagan Gilpatrick's Maple Syrup shoot, featured within the magazine. I know that my own burlap shoot is in there that was my design and was created with the assistance of Sharyn Peavey, A Family Affair, as well as 111 Maine and Papier Gourmet as well as The Barn on Walnut Hill. I know that Maine magazine is going to make the correction for the Maple Syrup shoot in their next edition and in the meantime I know that Meagan and I are going to do the best to spread the word. It is a bit tricky for me at this point as I have not seen the publication, so other than the burlap shoot being within the magazine, I am not certain that any other designs are that of ECFD. ( I believe that a wedding that I did may be within the publication as well as a bouquet, but am unsure as to the final editing decisions of the editors..) Maine Magazine is a phenomenal publication and it is my privilege to be a floral designer that they continue to select and I am certain that they will do their best to quickly settle this mishap as I would never want credit for a design that was not mine.

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