Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Flowerdress comes to life...

After over 2 years, I was able to see one of my dreams come to reality recently as I created and completed my dress of flowers. In January I finally realized that there is often not a perfect time for such things in life such as having children, moving, etc... or making a flower dress and that sometimes you just have to move forward in pursuing such dreams and just make them happen at your own pace. This was just that case. I was fortunate to have two of my associates be able to assist for the day of the completion of the dress which was a lovely and much needed boost the bring the dress to fruition. Of course, you would not be seeing any of the creation without the lovely Sharyn Peavey photographing the dress and model, Rosie, being able to showcase it. Many thanks to all who helped. 150 glue sticks later, 2 glue guns, over 24 hours of labor, 8 yds of hardware cloth over 150 peonies, 500 carnations, 300 roses, 120 astilbe, chocolate ty leafs and fiddleheads, etc..., it is complete!

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  1. Wow, Emily! You are such an artist. Beautiful. No wonder you are so successful.